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FP: four by MioneBookworm FP: four by MioneBookworm

Late night had arrived and the Gryffindor Common Room was almost empty now; Sirius was in detention and Remus was home visiting his ill mother, so James, ever the insomniac, had taken the time to sit down with Amanda by the fire (the best spot in the room), for a while before bed.

'So, how exciting d'you think the match will be tomorrow?' Amanda piped up enthusiastically, sinking down in a vast leather pouf by the fireplace. James followed suit, sitting on a tall wooden chair beside her.

'How exciting can anything get!' he chorused happily, resting his feet on the coffee table between them; Mandy watched them wiggle out of their shoes revealing thick woolen red socks. 'I'm sitting with Sirius and the others of course, but you can tag along if you wish, it'll be fun.'

She didn't look like it'd be fun, though. More like absolute torture.


She shifted awkwardly in her seat. She didn't know exactly how to put it; fidgeting with her already messy hair and looking down, she spoke.

'I don't know if...being friends with Sirius Black is such a good idea,' she began slowly. James frowned.

'...why? He's all right.'

'He's a Black! We both know what that means! We've heard the stories; like his mother, slowly poisoning his grandad to death so she could get more money into their Gringotts vault. A fancy London manor where they keep all sorts of gruesome things...'

'That might as well be codswallop! It's more likely to come from one of those ancient hags at my parents' dinner parties who love themselves some gossip, than to ever be true at all!' This was highly probable, too. Countless times throughout their young existence, James and Amanda had been forced to spend time sitting at some dinner table with a heap of wrinkled witches who bore some distant link in the family tree, and thoroughly enjoyed drinking heavy amounts of Firewhiskey. The more Firewhiskey at hand, the more sinister their stories of ancient pureblood families got. Often, at least at first, they both found themselves fascinated with gruesome tales of cabinets filled with cursed objects, and pet ghouls used for scaring away muggles; as years went by, however, they began to hear identical stories attributed to an infinite variety of wizarding families, and rather lost faith in said ancient hags and their credibility.

'Well there must be some truth to them.'

She was half lying. She had rarely believed in these stories for a while now (they got crazier by the minute), but so much mystery was created around the Black family that some of it was bound to be true.


'Just...don't trust him fully until you know he's all right, okay?'

'I doubt they hunt banshees for a hobbie and keep their heads to scare off enemies!'

'I think one of my many uncle Cygnuses fancied doing that, though,' a voice behind them said. James and Amanda jumped and looked at Sirius, who stood behind them. He didn't look as if he'd been standing there too long - judging by the dirty cloth still in his hand, at least (his punishment for turning a Slytherin's hair into spaghetti had been cleaning the entire mess he'd made while at it with no magic).

He grinned at James, and he snorted in return.

'Detention any good?' he asked.

'Blergh, dungeon four was a mess. I didn't mean to add sauce to that spaghetti, but I guess practice makes perfect, so maybe we can try the spell on Snivellus next time. Care to come upstairs and help me bewitch the banners for tomorrow?'

James nodded and, without a second thought, stood up and bid Mands good-night. At this, Sirius turned to look at her; and that moment, Amanda knew that somehow, rather inexplicably, he knew what they'd been talking about all along. The look he gave her - she couldn't quite pin it down, but it was something almost like indifference - scared her a little.

'Night, Dumbledore,' he enounced simply.

And gone they were up the spiral staircase to the boys' dormitories.

She looked after them as they disappeared from her sight. He was quite infuriating, Sirius Black; most of the time, he looked uninterested in everything going on around him, yet he was already proving to be one of the brightest students in their year. His main focus was apparently causing as much mischief as possible each day, yet he managed to stay surprisingly cool while at it, getting away with more than any other first year could. And yet, he still seemed quite the fit for Gryffindor; which was even more confusing for Amanda.

No, she didn't think Sirius Black was all right. She didn't think he was all right at all.

I hope you like this one! :D
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we'll see, we'll see!
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Haha, the looks between the two of them :XD:
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